Golden Valley

Golden Valley, Knutsford

Golden Valley was named after Golden Scrub Wattle (not gold!) which covers slopes of the valley.

The township of Knutsford within Golden Valley is where the Shire of Yilgarn’s history really began in 1887 with the find of gold reef. This paved the way to Southern Cross and other gold discoveries within Yilgarn. Golden Valley was certainly no bonanza as gold pinched out at depths, however gold fever led to an ever increasing number of hopefuls flocking to the Valley. Most travelled by train to Northam then walked an average of 20 miles per day – the lucky ones came by horse. Some were experienced miners from Victoria and the Kimberley but most were from the City and had little idea of the hardship they would face and only a handful were to ever find gold.

Today only abandoned shafts, piles of red dirt and a large tunnel mark the passing of Golden Valley and the first town of Knutsford. The area is reserved and trusted to the Historical Society of the Yilgarn.

How to get there: Take the bitumen road to Bullfinch (36km). Turn right at the “T” junction of Bullfinch/Mukinbudin/ Mt Jackson Roads. Pass Radio Mine on your left, after 12kms turn left towards Golden Valley (sign posted).

Continue along this road for approximately 15kms to reach the windmills. Continue following the road past the windmills to find remnants of old stone house, battery and machinery.

Note: this is not an all weather road. Drive with care.

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